About Me

What will you get? …you’ll get the truth, If Its hard I’ll say It, too expensive I wont do It, I cut corners I can’t help It, what can I say I’m Impatient, so very little pinning when sewing, add things to recipes because I always think I can improve them,(they do by the way :-), of course) I’m a nightmare! But I am ME!

….So where do i begin? Who am I?

I am Me! yes Me! and I wouldn’t want to be anyone else.

My name is Tracey and I’m 34 and live with my family In Ramsbottom Bury England. I have two Beautiful boys Benjamin 15 and Solomon 10, and I’m lucky enough to have found my soul mate In Sonia, she Is 27 and the most amazing, Beautiful person I know, i know its corny but she makes me a better person, she has a way to calm me when the stress head Tracey appears with just a single look and she excepts and supports everything I do. Because of her I was able to overcome obstacles like my fear and self doubt as she helped me see that we can be who we want and can do whatever we put our minds to.  I’m not perfect, I’m human and so have many flaws and hang ups but I accept them and look to improve myself daily, aiming to be as creative and thrifty as I can be.

My dream was always to work for myself and so last month I hit a turning point, after several failed attempts to work for myself doing things that make money but I really didn’t enjoy I had to either go back into retail management working 60-70 hours a week or be me, and use my skills, and determination to not only survive but to thrive! and do it by doing what I love. Sounds amazing right?….Now this wont be easy, there will be tears as well as laughs but it will be for us and so it makes it much more rewarding. You see wanting to do what I love and doing It from home In Itself Is a lot to ask, but to do this and well enough to earn money Is going to be a struggle and believe me it has been a struggle already. We have the normal bills to pay, family to feed and want the nice things in life, so Its Important Its a success. Follow my journey and see just how living the dream can be, Is It my worst nightmare? or could It be the Mary Poppins way of life and be practically perfect In every way?…

So Great Ways to Make Art Is a way to follow me on that journey, sharing Ideas and Inspiration, experimenting with tried and tested or new ways to create things for the home, gifts, recipes. Even have Beatrix our camper van that we are restoring which I will add picture and progress reports, because lets face It there will be no lavish holidays for some time.

http://www.achictooshabby.com Is my platform to sell these Items and you are more than welcome to browse through for Ideas for the home and gifts, or even buy something If you like, there’s seriously no pressure.

If you reading this then maybe I should point out that I am by no means an expert In any of the subjects I talk about or share, I talk opinion, MY opinion and understand that this differs for everyone. So add comment I love a good debate. I try Ideas, some new and some of the ones tried before but want to see just how easy or successful they really are.

Whatever you do be the best you! and be creative…..its in everyone!

Thank you