Cowardice – Imagine if cows really where shaped like Dice!

My mother in law is Dyslexia, She is currently staying with us this week and so is on my mind. Even more so when I see funny words that the English Language produces. I mean lets take a look at Cowardice, saying it phonically Cow-ar-dice. Its no wonder children or people being introduced to this language and the spelling of things for the first time struggle. Its crazy!

What and how can a cow be anything to do with dice and then when you actually looking at it, what or how does that actually represent what the word means let alone how to spell it!. Its one of those strange words, one of many, I mean take “selfless” for example, it explains its self and doesn’t confuse anyone. So why when trying to explain something like a lack of bravery do we make up words like this.  Why not say braveless! yep that’s what I will say from now on…..

“Johny couldn’t enter the dark room as he was braveless!”

much better than..

“Johny couldn’t enter the dark soon as he was cowardice!”

Take away the fact that Johny’s either a big wuss or maybe just a small child afraid of the dark, the above (my version of course!) helps those not understanding, to understand.

If you didn’t know that word and wanted to have a guess to what it means using the cowardice then maybe people would assume Johny was a milk maker that throws dice in his  spare time and so had no time for dark rooms?

Silly I know but really on looking from the point of view of the people who don’t know its scary, words are a big deal and in the simplest of forms can cause confusion and dread. So why make things so difficult, so unclear? I don’t know the answer to the question and only had a quick 5 mins to look at today’s word. Maybe I should go through the whole dictionary, you know in my spare time between 2am and 7am, all I do is sleep, this would be much more rewarding… would it not? lol

With the stress of a new business which can be checked out at I need to be brave and crack on, but before I go, spare a thought for those people who are cowardice and those people struggling with learning difficulties, what comes easy to some is an everyday battle for other. A little support goes along way and a helping hand can make someones day.

Keep smiling

Tracey x


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